Monday, September 27, 2010

Pre Production Character Design

For my semester long pre-production project, I am working on a personal animated short about a boy who has a magical sketchbook in which everything he draws in the book comes to life, and a giant monster that the boy has created. I focused on simplifying the creature down to essential shapes so that it is easier to animate, but also retaining some traits that will help define the character. The overall large size, hair on the side of the face, the back, and the tail should help reinforce the flow of movements. The boy's design has two versions, with and without his hat. In the beginning of the story, the boy is somewhat emotionless so I gave him a hat and long hair to obscure his personality. When the boy meets the creature however, he starts showing more emotion so in the second design I drew more facial expressions and gestures. These are preliminary sketches for the characters so the final design may change, but for the sake of story boarding I think they are fairly solid.

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