Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Demon Gate

It has been a while since my last update due to finals but I'm finally free from school now that winter break has started! I'm going to be putting up the stuffs I've done over the course of multiple updates.
First up is an environmental design I did for Character Design class. The assignment consists of designing an environment that my character from last project (Orochi) could interact in. So I decided to make the entrance to the Eight Headed Serpent's lair. The main things I kept in my mind while designing this environment is scale and mood. Orochi is the final boss character in our group's story so I wanted him to be really big. In order to enclose such figure, the gate must be over-sized as well. To push the sense of scale of the character, I made the gate somewhat fractured and destroyed, implying that the master of this place is too big for its own lair. With color, I think making the general pallet cold was a correct choice. Although I lost the opportunity to push the elegance of the architecture with vibrant colors, I think this is the right way to convey a sense of evil and dark mood.