Monday, December 12, 2011

Thesis - Panoramic Shot

Now that storyboarding and a whole bunch of pre-production designs for my thesis have been solidified, I can finally painting in finished backgrounds! It has been so long since I worked on anything finished so this was such a great feeling. This is a panoramic shot that is going to be the first establishing shot for the whole animation. I'm going to camera project this image to emphasize depth and see how it looks. Over the winter break I'm going to be working on more finished backgrounds in order to catch up on my thesis. Its going to be fun!


  1. you're a beast with environments!

  2. Thanks guys! The projected version turned out to be a success! I'll put it up shortly

  3. Did you already finish the whole thesis paper? Well, from the sound of it, everything went well with it. And I think it would be good to get some thesis help if ever you write again and find yourself lagging. Anyway, the panoramic shot is amazing! I wish you posted your thesis paper online for us to see the whole paper.