Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Self Portrait and Color Study

I've been working on a lot of thesis lately and it was really nice to do something different and refreshing. Fist up is a self portrait I did for MICA senior party's poster. I had fun using a slightly more saturated pallet than my usual style. The second drawing is from a character design class I TA. For yesterday's in-class assignment we exchanged each student's characters and designed environments that are intended to complement the scene, character, and bring sense of narrative interaction. I participated in this assignment and drew a scene from Kate Guthrie's story about a protagonist who lost his memory and tries to put his fragmented memories together by using a psychological therapy machine that allows him to dive into a cyber world of his own mind. With this study, I focused on how to convey mood and tensions through color. I had a lot of fun choosing complementary colors and resolving compositional problems through color intensity and differences. I'll put up the thesis progress in the coming days!

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