Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Luring - Illustration I

A piece done for Illustration I class. The assignment was to choose a mythological story and then visualize it through our own interpretations. The story for this piece came from part of Odyssey, in which Circe, a witch who can magically morph people into pigs, attempts to bed with Odysseus who was trying to save his morphed crews. In the piece, I tried to capture Circe's temptation as well as Odysseus' sense of retaliation. Over all, the piece focuses heavily on expressing realism and thus it sets a high ground for critical eyes as to how well the realism was conveyed. In that sense, therefore, there are many formal elments that are still available for additional renderings. The original size of the piece is 7000 by 4300 pixels, which is much larger than the my normal working dimension. Throughout the work, I experimented with ways to convey detail while allocating sufficient amount of care to each parts of the painting.

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