Thursday, August 19, 2010

Concept Sketches - Designing World

Recently I've been doing some concept works for fun. At first, I was doing some city/space designs in my sketchbook and I liked one of the thumbnails so I decided to elaborate a little bit further. I liked the idea of city inside of the giant pit that is connected to the upper level by pipelines so I did other sketches that shows different angles and other objects in the surrounding environment. Although I didn't have any storyline involving this design, as I got into designing the details of this city, I started to incorporate rooms for potential narratives. For example, when I was designing the pit city, I had an idea that I wanted it to be the labor place that is kind of slave to the upper, luxurious world. So when I got into designing the tower on the upper level, I wanted it to be utopia for the humankind and maybe at the same time, represent power and control over the labor level in the pit. In addition, I designed the tower so that when it is seen from the pit level, it cast a silhouette of tomb cross, symbolizing an evil figure. So far this is all I have but I'm planning to go further with this one. Maybe in the future, I will post more character designs and other environmental objects I could come up with.

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  1. Great sketches man! Can't wait to see the influence they'll have on your finished pieces in the future.