Thursday, January 6, 2011


Oni(demon)Gumo(spider) is another character design for the story of Yamata no Orochi. In this project, I chose to design an invented character that does not exist in the original plot line, but could be inserted into it while being believable as part of the story. In this concept, I wanted to make a character who's thought to be a human in the village but is later revealed as a disguised spider demon that responsible for a number of missing villagers. He is normally a mysterious elderly in the village serving as a fortune teller. The way he sits gives out a heavy and stationary feel to the character. He is often hunched down looking down at his fortune telling items (the stones and a clothe on the floor). Once he transforms into the spider form, his character undergoes a drastic change. He is fast, sinful, and wild. The main character of the story Susanoo must face the spider demon (Onigumo) while he visits the village.


  1. muito bom, nos do brasil gostamos muito, esse trabalho tem alguma coisa a ver com inuyasha