Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pre Production - Color Studies

These are sketches for my original story as part of Pre-Production. I was exploring the borderline between volumetric and flat sketchy styles that I wanted for this particular short film. The story has a lot of emphasis on the environment so I spend a lot of time experiment with different ways to make the space that I imagined. Keeping the overall simplicity while conveying that there is a lot of information in the environment was a challenge. The distortion was another thing that was on my mind while drawing these. I wanted the film to have a children's book feel so I focused on skewing some of the angles and lines to push that playfulness. The designs for the environment are inspired mostly by European architectures. While retaining some of the details from original European buildings, I tried to invent new patterns that still does the same job. Because the story takes place in a kid's imaginary city, I tried to mimic how a child would design his own world; how buildings are stacked on one another or that there are different doors and windows and secret passageways.

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