Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Environment Design - Pit City

After another update slacking, I'm back on track with lots of new images from classes. First up is world design from concept art class. For my semester long project, I'm doing an imaginary world called pit city, an industrial-heavy city in a giant pit where digging for resources and rich human cultures exist. The people in this world lives on the wall of the pit by stacking buildings on top of another, forming a massive network of structures that elevates high in the air.

The first image is an over all shot of the city. The big pipeline in the center takes all of the labored materials from this city to the upper oppressive world. The pipeline goes down through factories where they process the resources and then deeper into the bottom level, where the mining take place. The second image illustrates the market area of the city alongside the wall. And then the third shows the mining station at the bottom of the city.


  1. omg! will these are stunning! awesome, so gud.

  2. holy!!! these are amazing will!! :)